Welcome. This personal website has been created to help you with starting up your new business. I have spent many years on my own and collaborating with other professionals in assisting people to achieve their goal of starting their own business. By drawing on my experiences and knowledge, I hope to provide you with some of the basics that you will need to begin your new venture.

There are those rare occasions when someone happens to have an idea and everything just falls into place for them. You could call this fate, but more often than not, they have been thinking and talking about their idea for a while. During this phase, they have received suggestions from family, friends and other business people. To their credit they were able to sift through the information and pick out the parts that would work.

The majority of business owners need some education and to do a lot of research before they can get their business successfully off the ground. In most cases businesses evolve and change to increase the amount of success that one is striving for. There is always room for improvement somewhere.

Some of the Canadian tourism businesses I have had the pleasure of working with are:

Seabreeze Adventures is a whale watching tour company located in British Columbia, Canada. They provide world class whale watching Vancouver tours from April to October.

Another Vancouver business that has done extremely well is Lotus Land Tours. Since 1993 they have been taking people on kayaking Vancouver adventures. They also offer a variety of other tours in Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria.

There are many places to get valuable information before taking the last steps to creating your own business. Some caution is needed as all information is not equal. A source may suggest something that is only applicable to a specific physical location which is totally unrelated to you. Use common sense and don’t believe everything that you read or hear.

The Idea

So you have an idea for a business.

  • First of all, think globally, not locally. This will give you the opportunity to connect with more people.
  • You need to decide what your target audience is.
  • Now consider how you will get your message / product out to your target audience.

The Workings

  • Get your facts about your product / service together.
  • Know your competitors.
  • Get to know your allies.

Business Plan

  • There are many sources to get this information.
  • Check out the internet.
  • Talk to someone you know that has started their own business.
  • Confer with a Financial Advisor.

You’re on your way, keep going.